James Hill

James has over 25 years of both domestic and international business development experience, representing individuals and corporations with service, distribution and employee contract negotiations and closure, planning and implementing projects of various complexities throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa — he has merged these accomplishments with his dynamic experience and has attended hundreds of trials, appeals and settlement conferences throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Also, an active member of the Licensed Paralegal Association (LPA) soon to be merged with the Paralegal Society of Ontario (PSO) to form the new organization Ontario Paralegals of Ontario (OPA).  James is also a graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec; a recent graduate of the triOS College’s Paralegal Program as well as Humber College’s Immigration Consultant Program both in Toronto; a previous lecturer of International Business Development and Marketing at Centennial College in Scarborough, Ontario and pursued his Masters in International Relations at the University of Cyprus, in Nicosia, Cyprus.


Jean-Alexandre De Bousquet

Since childhood, Jean-Alexandre knew that he wanted to defend the rights of individuals.

Jean-Alexandre acquired experience with Alternative Dispute Resolution by participating in the North American Conflict Resolution program (NACR), a NAFTA funded program hosted at the University of Louisville.

Before law school Jean-Alexandre was a journalist at the CBC for 3 consecutive years. Other notable achievements include employment for the Canada Research Chair on Native Peoples and Legal Diversity, the Canadian Research Chair on Métis Identity and the Urban League, a U.S. civil rights organization. Jean-Alexandre also published articles in prominent academic journals and presented papers at international conferences in Canada and the United-States.

During and after his legal studies. Jean-Alexandre demonstrated his passion for the law by interning for the Canadian Centre for International Justice, working for an Ottawa law firm and pursuing a legal career with the Attorney General of Ontario. After opening his own firm, De Bousquet Professional Corporation, Jean-Alexandre made his mark on the legal profession by becoming one of the leading human rights experts in Ontario, as well as handling high profile cases before civil courts and administrative tribunals.



Jacqueline Kamel

Social Strategist

Jacqueline Kamel MSW RSW completed her undergraduate degree in Developmental Psychology and her Masters of Social Work at Columbia University in the city of New York where she specialized in Health, Mental Health and Disabilities and minored in International Social Welfare. Her experience in the field of mental health includes working with Aboriginal children and families in Northern Ontario and with underprivileged youth in the inner cities of New York. She currently works as a child and family clinician for Peel Children’s Center and has recently become the Peel Respite Coordinator. Key responsibilities include client advocacy, service coordination, community collaboration and delivering culturally sensitive and anti-oppressive therapeutic services to children and their families. She currently sits on the diversity training subcommittee for Peel Children’s Centre and has delivered many trainings on how to effectively deliver culturally sensitive and anti-oppressive mental health services to underprivileged, LGBTTTQQIAA and minority children, youth and families. Most recently she travelled to Cairo, Egypt as a mental health/ and trauma consultant to help an orphanage develop mental health programming for orphaned children and youth.

Jessica Dell'Aquila

PR Manager

"I’ve always been a communicator. As a child I was always asking questions, telling stories and writing. I now use my communications skills to bring awareness to initiatives that I believe will better the world we live in. I have over a decade’s worth of experience in the PR and Communications industry. Currently I am the Marketing Director at Engagement Labs, a company offering intelligent social data, analytics and insights for organizations that are actively engaging on social networks. Previous to my current role I was the PR Manager at Ten Thousand Coffees - an online platform that enables mutually beneficial conversations between the next generation and industry professionals to exchange ideas and insights that help move them forward. Through Ten Thousand Coffees my goals were to enable everyone to have access to the conversations they need to build their confidence, inspire new ideas and create change. I’m deeply vested in issues concerning the LGBTQ community and gender equality. I believe everyone should have a voice and the tools they need to make their voice heard.”-Jessica D

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